How to Use a Wagner Sprayer w/ Vermont Chalky Paint

Posted by Sarah Spencer on 3/20/2017 to How-To DIY
If you've ever hesitated on using a Wagner Sprayer - you won't anymore. A real time-saver and love the final look. Take a peek!

Make this Sweet Artist Gift Box in 20 Minutes

Posted by Sarah Spencer on 3/16/2017 to How-To DIY
Artist Gift Box Vermont Chalky PaintHere's one of the Artist Gift Boxes painted in Butter Cream as a base, Sage Green sides and dry-brushed with Graphite. The clover is accented with Vermont Lilac. Either give the gift box unfinished to your favorite painted furniture enthusiast, or paint yourself and fill with candy, jewelry or notecards. Measuring 3" high, 6" long and 4" wide, they're compact and contain all 14 of our colors along with the decoupage formula, brushes and written instructions. Click "READ MORE" below to see the 2-minute video on how it's painted.