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Mined, Manufactured & Made in Vermont
Experience Non-Toxic Vermont Chalky Paint

Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers have never been easier! Try our ProPacks and transform kitchens at a fraction of the cost of a full demo/reno. Our non-toxic decorative paint has low VOC so paint without harmful chemical fumes. Take a look at our Ideas and Inspirations below for some fun decorating ideas - ENJOY!

We painted the shell Shelburne Navy and the doors Sage Green. I found these sweet napkins that matched PERFECTLY with the 2 colors and used those on the drawers. We found copper handles on Amazon for $13 and the backsplash was from the Home Depot. I also found a spice rack on the side of the road that matched PERFECTLY with her original spice rack, but it was darker. So each rack got a coupla coats of Sage Green. She loved it! BUT... her husband? Uh oh...

When faced with the daunting task of “what do we paint the cabinets?” it’s a smart move to stick with the neutrals - especially if you’re redoing a kitchen on the cheap.  House flippers realize the top budget busters are kitchen and bath renovations. A total kitchen demo and rebuild can run into thousands. A ProPack covers on average 6-8 upper & lower cabinet doors and comes in under $100. 

I've been in your shoes - cramming painted furniture into the back of a mini-van for a flea market and feeling lucky if I got $40 for a piece I spent hours on, right? It just, well, it sucks. I started to do more homework and wanted to know one thing... what makes people buy stuff? Okay, then I wanted to add one 2-letter word: