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First, we need to look at the retail landscape as it stands now. Retail is going through a major restructuring. Have you gone to your local mall lately? Empty store fronts. Where are all the BUYERS? They're online. 70% shop online with 50% taking advantage of free shipping. Yet, when you have a heavy armoire, it's kind of hard to offer free shipping, right? After much research, I've found 5 different strategies for selling my painted furniture for what it's worth:
- Shoppers are now looking for experiences or ways to make their lives easier. Paint 'n Sip parties are the rage in the northeast right now. It's a chance to bring people together in a fun environment where they get to try your product out for a test spin. Teach them your techniques and chances are, they'll be back to either learn more from you, buy paint from you or commission you to paint the piece for them.
Rent-Free Space:
Rent Out Your Pieces - That's right, instead of renting a space, why not get PAID a monthly fee for the privilege of a professional home stager to use your piece to help sell real estate?
Vintage Bazaars
NOT a flea market, vintage bazaars attract shoppers who are LOOKING for that one-of-a-kind piece and are willing to PAY you for your artistry.
If you're ready to transition from painted furniture as a hobby to painted furniture as a business, feel free to talk to us about how to start selling Vermont Chalky Paint by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.