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Can you chalk paint kitchen cabinets

Ready to paint your kitchen cabinets, but you don't know where to begin? Let's start by answering some of your questions:

Does chalk paint last on cabinets?
If the right prep work is done to your cabinets and you use a premium paint with low humidity or temps between 55-75 degrees, you can enjoy a lasting finish with Vermont Chalky Paint.

How do you paint cabinets w/ chalk paint?
 - Clean the surface of your cabinets thoroughly.
 - Lightly sand any blemishes you don't want to appear on the cabinets.
 - Paint your base coat and let completely dry. Light coats are recommended.
 - Drizzle with the darker shade included in your ProPack, then immediately wipe with a baby wipe.
 - Let the doors completely dry, then apply 1-2 coats of Clear Coat (also provided)and hang.

What is the best chalk paint to use on kitchen cabinets?
There are many on the marketplace, Annie Sloan, Dixie Belle and Fusion come to mind. These tend to be thicker paints and may show brush strokes, which is great if you want a distressed look. Many find Vermont Chalky Paint has a slight sheen to it. Our paint is self-leveling and has far fewer brush strokes than other chalk paints on the market.

Can you chalk paint laminate kitchen cabinets?
Yes you can! Test a small spot first. If you see the paint's not adhering, give it a light sanding, clean and paint!

Can you leave chalk paint unsealed?
It depends. If you're doing a dresser or a piece with low traffic, you can get away without clear coating. However, if it's a kitchen or bathroom, we recommend using the Clear Coat provided in each ProPack we offer.

What's the difference between chalk paint and regular paint?
It comes down to oil or water-based paints. Enamels are used primarily for kitchens because of the factory-finish you tend to get using these paints. If you're looking for that fine finish, enamels will take you there, but they often have high fumes, are difficult to clean up (you'll need mineral spirits to clean brushes) We've found the finish from Vermont Chalky Paint comparable to the enamels without the toxic fumes. Our paint is low VOC, non-toxic and self-leveling. It also performs well in a spray gun by simply adding a little water (about 2 ounces of water to each 16 oz of paint.) It's also much easier to clean up with soap and water.

Does chalk paint scratch easily?
ANY paint can scratch easily if it's not left to cure, or has been applied in high humidity or cold temperatures.

Do you need a special paintbrush for chalk paint?
No, you don't, but we love using our Round Brushes, included with your ProPack.

What do you seal chalk paint with?
Some painters like to seal their projects with wax. We found that over time, the wax needs to be re-applied. We prefer our Clear Coat, it's a non-toxic substitute for polyurethane and polycylics that doesn't yellow over time.

What happens if you don't wax chalk paint?
Then the Chalk Paint Gods will rain turpentine down on you...(nah, I'm kidding...) It depends upon the chalk paint you use, curing time, temperature it was applied in, etc. Vermont Chalky Paint has a built-in sealant using PolyWhey Technology that gives our paint superior adhesion.

Do painted kitchen cabinets hold up?
Yes! Both of our test kitchens have been holding up well since we painted them in 2016.

How do you paint kitchen cabinets to look old?
You can get a driftwood effect with our Greystone ProPack sold HERE
If you like antiqued white? We recommend our Statehouse White ProPack sold HERE.

Can I use Mod Podge to seal chalk paint?
We don't recommend it. It tends to peel over time. Use a quality clear coat that's designed for sealing your project.

How many coats of the Clear Coat to seal over chalk paint?
1-2 usually works well for us.

Should I use wax or polyurethane over chalk paint?
We prefer Clear Coat, a non-toxic substitute for Polyurethane. If you're using wax to give depth
of color to your project, wax first, then seal the entire project with Clear Coat.

Lastly? TEST your idea on a spare cabinet or piece of wood  - especially if you're blending colors so that you get the best result for your efforts.