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Our Greystone ProPacks make it so easy to get remarkable results for that Farmhouse weathered grey. We bought this beat-up table at the 3-Day Stampede toward the cure for Cystic Fibrosis for $12. While I love “The Doors,” I don’t necessarily like them carved into my tabletop. To sand or not to sand? Yes, many times, you can use Vermont Chalky Paint without sanding, however, if you have deep gouges like this table, it's time to whip out your handy dandy sander.

3 Common Mistakes Newbies Make with Greystone and How to Avoid Them:

1) Not Enough Prep: Even if the paint says no sanding, there are times you are gonna need to sand. If you have old handles on a dresser, chances are, someone got lazy and didn't bother to take the handles off. You'll wanna sand to give your surface a level playing field so deep gouges and scratches don't ruin your piece.

2) Over-Paint: Don't slather the paint on hoping to cover in the first coat! Take it easy with ligher layers until you get the desired effect.

3) Painting in High Humidity: Paint can be affected by the weather. Avoid painting in high humidity or it'll never thoroughly dry. You can watch the transformation of this table here: