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I found this quaint drop-down desk at the famous Warrensburg World's Largest Garage Sale a couple of years ago. I had painted it Robin's Egg Blue with some stencils, but somehow, it just didn't fit the piece. Have you ever done that? Painted something, lived with it and then BOOM! Inspiration strikes and takes you in a COMPLETELY different direction? Yeah, me too.  

So I grabbed my Greystone, sat at my laptop and created the "Farmer's Market" image transfer which you can download free when you sign up for our Ideas and Inspiration Newsletter here 

You'll also need the Greystone ProPack which you can buy here

Vermont Chalky Paint Greystone ProPack
Image Transfer available for FREE


1) Clean and remove any dust, paint chips, dings, scratches from your piece.
2) BASE COAT: with Greystone using the Round Brush provided in your ProPack. Let dry.
3) DRIZZLE: with Graphite and IMMEDIATELY wipe with a baby wipe.
4) CURE: Let the piece cure for 3-5 days before attempting Image Transfer.

1) Download your free image transfer here:
2) Print on a laser jet printer to avoid ink running.
3) Make sure letters are printed IN REVERSE.
4) Use Clear Coat and foam brush included in your ProPack and Clear Coat where you want your Image Transfer.
5) Smooth with a plastic card. Pop any bubbles with a pin. Let sit overnight.
6) When completely dry, apply water and GENTLY rub the paper pulp away. Ink will set into the piece.
7) Clear Coat entire piece and enjoy!