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"We're ripping the cabinets out anyway, so if you wanna experiment with some colors, go for it!" They had budgeted about $10k for a kitchen makeover and asked if I wanted to salvage their old cabinets. Yeah, I was psyched! The painting is the easy part, it's organizing the cabinets, cleaning off the old grease and grime and figuring out ergonomics - like shouldn't the toaster oven be near the bread box? Should the silverware in the drawer near the plates? How about the glasses near the sink? It's stuff you don't generally think about until you are tearing everything apart. As I sorted her dishes, I noticed a pattern.

"Look at all those greens and blues you have! Oh, and look how the copper tea kettle plays off that sage green! Would you mind if I played with some colors?"
She paused and had a big smile - I LOVE those colors - go for it!"

We painted the shell Shelburne Navy and the doors Sage Green. I found these sweet napkins that matched PERFECTLY with the 2 colors and used those on the drawers. We found copper handles on Amazon for $13 and the backsplash was from the Home Depot. I also found a spice rack on the side of the road that matched PERFECTLY with her original spice rack, but it was darker. So each rack got a coupla coats of Sage Green. She loved it! BUT... her husband? Uh oh...

"So... whaddya think?"

He paused, tugged at his beard and I started to think about these whimsical cabinets going in the trash heap. I gulped and kept painting. After awhile he said,

"I think I'm gonna get my plane." He's a pilot and they'd been saving up either for the kitchen renovation or a new plane. They both loved the cabinets so much that they now had enough to purchase a plane. Total cost of this kitchen makeover? $125 including the paint! 

There were so many serendipitous moments on this project - from finding the little dish rack shelf to the vegetable stand to the flippin' spice rack on the side of the road. It all came together so nicely - I live for projects like this one? "Our kitchen is one-of-a-kind and fits our personalities being upbeat and happy even on the darkest days." That's the best note to leave on!