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This was a test for a new ProPack we're designing called Shelburne Navy that has that GORGEOUS rich blue with Black Pearl tones. If you'd like to see us add this to our line, please send us a note - we welcome the feedback! 

This dresser was a plywood freebie that got a SERIOUS Dr. Who facelift.

1) I used Tardis Phone Wallpapers on https://wallpaperplay.com

2) I measured the dresser drawers at 30” wide x 20” high and made my design using Serif Page Plus. You can use https://www.blockposters.com and create your own design and save it as a PDF. Take the PDF to your local printer and print on Laser Jet NOT InkJet. (Otherwise, the inks will run when you apply the Clear Coat.)

3) Clean & paint the dresser Shelburne Navy. Let dry & drizzle Black Pearl, wipe with a baby wipe to give depth to the piece.

4) Let cure for 3-4 days and then cut out your block poster pieces. No special paper needed.

5) Lay your dresser on it’s back and shim the drawers so they’re flush with the frame.

6) Coat with Clear Coat, put the image in place, then smooth the image with a credit card.

7) Bubbles - prick with a pin, and smooth.

8) Let dry completely, then put 2-3 more Clear Coats over the entire dresser.