This secretary has an arched glass top and really cheap particle board on the bottom, but I fell in love with it and hauled it in the back of my PT Cruiser with my knees touching the steering wheel and puzzled over what to do with her... I was playing with the ProPacks and originally, she was gonna be Statehouse White with Cocoa Cafe distressing, but then a trip to Dollar Tree inspired me. I found these butterfly napkins and though our Crimson Velvet would really make the pop on the drawer fronts. Here's how I created the effect:

1) Base coat Statehouse White. Let dry for 20 minutes

2) Dry-brush Cocoa Cafe (found in the Statehouse White ProPack)

3) Decoupage napkin where the handles are

4) Dry-Brush Cocoa Cafe to blend

5) Crimson Velvet on the outer trim

6) Clear Coat (Also in the Propack) and Voila! A beautiful transformation