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This sweet bunny napkin we found at the Christmas Tree Shop on clearance. Such a wonderful taste of spring! Here's how to make your own:


 1/2 Pint 1/2 Pint Decoupage Formula 
2 Foam Brushes   Plastic Wrap
 2 Sets Gloves  Napkin
 Lamp Kit  Twine
 Sand Scissors



  1. Wearing gloves, shake the paint and apply to your jug. Set aside to dry.
  2. Cut out your lampshade pattern and set it aside
  3. Rip the napkin backing gently off and set aside leaving the translucent decorative side for your project. The white side can be used to wipe your hands.
  4. Tear the napkin into little pieces for your project.
  5. Put on your 2nd pair of gloves and shake the decoupage jug. Decoupage pieces onto your lampshade if so desired.
  6. Check to make sure your painted jug is dry and apply your napkin pieces with decoupage.
  7. Smooth with plastic wrap.
  8. Fill the jug 1/4 full with sand.
  9. Tie ribbon or twine around the rim of the jug.
  10. Hot glue the lamp onto the rim of the jug.
  11. Add your light, lampshade and ENJOY!