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 First off - if you're a newbie to decoupage, stripes can be very frustrating to work with. Measure twice, paste once... 


Greystone ProPack - BUY YOURS HERE

Rubber Gloves

Plastic Wrap


Here's a video showing how it was done:


1) Paint ALL of the surface on your drawer fronts with the Greystone and use the round brush. ( I missed a spot and you can see the stain  bleeding through.) 

2) If you're looking for the driftwood effect, drizzle the Graphite (supplied in your ProPack), rub it in with your round brush (provided) then immediately wipe with a baby wipe or damp paper towel and let it COMPLETELY dry before decoupaging.

3) Position your napkins, cut them to size.

4) Remove the excess paper backing on your napkins so they are translucent.

5) Lay down a generous coat of Clear Coat (provided in your ProPack) and use the foam brush (also provided.) Place your napkins and wearing rubber gloves, GENTLY press the napkins into place.

6) Dab LIGHTLY another coat of Clear Coat on the top of the napkins, then lay your plastic wrap right over the top (don't worry, it won't stick) Rub GENTLY to smooth your napkins down onto the drawer front.

7) When completely dry, put 1-2 more Clear Coats on and voila!