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Teresa had gotten this really cool flooring and shared a picture of it on her Facebook account. I suggested she try a Greystone wash on the cabinets and voila! Her Greystone Farmhouse Kitchen was born! 22 doors, 1 table, 1 desk, a chair and a "Gather" sign were all painted with one ProPack. I didn't need to sand, just washed the doors thoroughly, scrubbing out any grease that had built up over the years (honestly, they were clean as a whistle when Teresa brought them to the shop. 

How to Start? Once cleaned, I hand-painted the base coat of Greystone on each door and drawer front. Let it dry and DO NOT OVERCOAT! It's the biggest mistake people make when doing their cabinets. Remove ALL the hardware and I like to take a piece of masking tape and number each cabinet so it's easier to put them back into the right place. 

Use a Sprayer? I HIGHLY recommend the Yome sprayer, it runs about $40, it's LOUD, you'll go through A LOT more paint, (you will no matter what sprayer you use...) but you'll have the basecoats done in no time. I have put water in to the sprayer to thin the paint, but quite frankly, I like it better when I just poured it straight from the jug w/ no thinning. It should be the consistency of pancake batter. Yome gives you a consistency cup so you can get the right mixture for your sprayer.

The Drizzle: EVERYBODY freaks out over this part. The secret? Drizzle A LITTLE at first. Rub it in with the round brush provided in your ProPack. Then immediately wipe up the excess with a baby wipe. 

Coat: Let everything completely dry and cure for a few days (longer if you're painting in high humidity,) Then use the Clear Coat to protect your cabinets. You can use the foam brush provided or get a larger foam brush for larger areas for best results. Here's a video of Teresa's cabinets from start to finish - hope it helps!