We have started renovations on our new storefront at 4 Railroad Avenue in Essex Junction, Vermont. The train whistles and there are quaint lamps that light the street at night. How do I know? Because I spent a couple of nights fighting with parrots who resisted coming down from their well-glued perch on the wall of our new headquarters for Vermont Chalky Paint. It took about 20 minutes per section with the dryer set to high to remove the mural. That was relatively easy. The hard part? Sanding the joint compound and spackle afterwards. Here's a video of the process and a materials list below.


Hair Dryer Palm Sander
150 grit sandpaper
Joint Compound
Patience (a lot of it...)

Wall murals glued to the walls can do significant damage to the surface underneath. I used a hair dryer to melt the adhesive (yeah, I keep saying "adhesion..." not sure how I got stuck saying that repeatedly, my bad...) This was a 20' by 8' wall mural and it took 20 minutes to take down each section (8 total.) I am NOT a professional sheetrock / joint compound /spackler. For a project this large, I would recommend hiring a pro to skim it or redo all the sheetrock. This worked for us in a pinch and I spent about $25-$30 in materials and $10,000,000 in patience, time and sweat equity. Hope this helps and if you ever get the idea of putting up a wall mural, umm, don't...