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I find Sunday afternoons around 2ish, people are really sick of their garage sale. I was coming back home from the grocery store when I spied this forlorn sewing cabinet on the side of the road. It was next to the garbage can, I rolled down my window and a discouraged Garage Saling mom said "Just take it. Please!" Don't have to ask me twice. I took it home and like many of my roadside attractions, it sat in the workshop for a couple of weeks until I could find a purpose for my new treasure.

On Mother's Day a couple of years ago, my son went on one of my many hunting sales - this time, it was an old camper. The walls falling apart, the floor had holes in it, but it had this wonderful sink that followed me to my car (after alot of prying and cajoling, it came eventually.) 

I grabbed Statehouse White for the legs and shell, the drawer and flip-top I kept the same and simply inserted the sink underneath and set it on top of a plastic water cooler jug to capture the waste-water. A galvanized steel tank from Walmart would suffice for my water supply. I absolutely love it! It's a wonderful way to repurpose pieces in a meaninful way.