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I would always remember a particularly depressing day and this kinda hits the top 10... we just had our Grand Opening this past weekend and it was amazing to see Vermont Chalky Paint become “a real boy” complete with brick-and-mortar (literally) sky high windows, our paint jugs in the displays – it was a “lump-in-the throat” moment. I’ve been talking to our bank and it looked good for us to move forward on a loan to get inventory in the store. I thought it would take a couple of weeks for the loan to go through but... I faced a couple of problems:

• Nope. It’ll take a coupla MONTHS
• In order for us to hit the holiday season, we’d need to have labels and jugs to our manufacturer by Sept 30th at the latest
• If we miss the goal? We’ll need to wait until spring and that just sucks...

Did I give up? Thankfully, no. I had a pretty intense cry, ate chocolate (a LOT of chocolate…) and came up with this idea.

I know you’ve been asking for our 4 Season Sets with all 16 colors (yes – you noticed! We’ve added 2 more to the mix – a Charcoal Black and a Sage Green that are GORGEOUS for blending.) What I’m thinking is this...

Our 4-Season Sets are normally $49 each. We can offer ALL 4 SETS for $99. (That’s $97 OFF!)

That’s right! January Thaw with the cool greys, Good Vibes Blues… Spring/Summer with those warm pastels Harvest Market with Cocoa Cafe, Butter Cream and Harvest Orange Vintage Holiday with our new Sage, Charcoal Black, Crimson Velvet

We are running this FLASH SALE for ALL FOUR 4-Season Sets for the first 150 customers

Our 4x4 Flash Sale is THE deal if you’re looking for a premium, non-toxic chalky paint that has all the colors you want to reach for on your painted furniture projects in our famous half-pint jugs, for your own projects or if you’re ready to start your own painted furniture business.

Oh, how I wish I had this when I was first starting out!

It took me years of hard work and trial-and-error to get here... but with our 4x4 Flash Sale, you can skip all that and get straight to enjoying all the classic paints that will help you either start your painted furniture business or simply enjoy your painting as a hobby. All for $99 plus shipping.

Remember… it’s $97 bucks off, it’s a GREAT way to have the perfect palette for your projects with all of the Vermont Chalky Paint Classic colors right at your finger tips.

If you’re in? AWESOME – thank you! (screw the bank!) Get your 4 x4 offer HERE

P.S.If you tell a friend about the deal and they buy, just tell me your friend’s name and if I see their purchase order, I’ll give you $50 off a ProPack, too!

P.P.S. If we don’t get 150 4x4 Flash Sale orders by September 15th, 2020, I will refund your money and we’ll have to wait until spring. :(

Don’t miss out!