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Isn't it funny how when you think about VW Bugs, all of the sudden, they're all you see on the road? Well, this past  June, I saw a picture of a dresser decoupaged using this wrapping paper and I was INSTANTLY hooked! It seemed I saw the paper EVERYWHERE, yet I hadn't found my perfect canvas - yet...  Literally 2 days later, this desk showed up on my Facebook Marketplace feed and somehow ended up in the back of my Kia Soul.


Fireside Ebony Stain from Vermont Natural Coatings HERE

Bella Kraft Tan and Black Wrapping Paper SOLD ON AMAZON

Vermont Chalky Paint Decoupage Formula sold at our 4 Railroad Ave. Store in Essex Jct. VT

I cleaned and lightly sanded this desk and tested Vermont Natural Coatings Fireside Ebony and whooooaaa... instant gorgeousness! I can't recommend this stain enough. We've just started carrying the full line in our store on 4 Railroad Ave. in Essex Jct. You can buy it from us there.

It's a great idea to cut the paper out first, see what patterns work for your project. Remember... measure twice, cut once.

Put a layer of decoupage on the drawer first (make sure it is COMPLETELY dry from stain or paint.) Place your paper using rubber gloves and plastic wrap to smooth without tearing.

If you have a bubble, pierce it with a safety pin. I found when I let the project completely dry, bubbles and wrinkles went away.

Use Vermont Chalky Paint's clear coat at least twice to make sure you have a durable finish.