The other day I heard from my friend Steve who really needed help, (even though he didn’t know it yet!)
Steve has had this GORGEOUS kitchen for over 30 years. I said, “What’s the problem?” He said, “I’m ready for a change, but I’m a little scared to paint them.” To be honest? So was I! I mean, LOOK at them!


Halloween is a fun time of year for some, but a SCARY time for many homeowners like Steve. In addition to having to run around to different jobs (he’s a professional electrician…) he now had to find time to transform his dated, boring (to him) kitchen and do it before his sweetheart came home as a surprise for her – all before the following weekend. YIKES!

Steve was totally stressed to say the least! And on top of all that his knee gave out before we’d even put the 2nd coat on the doors.  
Luckily, after chatting with me briefly, Steve realized that while he initially thought the kitchen would need a total gut (costing THOUSANDS because his cabinetry was all custom,)  we decided to take the less frightening step of painting just 1 door with the Greystone ProPack. It took less than an hour (if you include drying time,) and we were both blown away.

We did Steve’s kitchen with ONE ProPack – that’s right, ONE!


Yup! Everything you need in one kitchen cabinet makeover kit is in the box. If you love that farmhouse look, the Greystone timeless beauty, then NOW is the right time to give it a try!

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