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Valentine Vanity

 Giving this Valentine Vanity some vaVOOM with a Raised Stencil Technique using Re·Design with Prima® Stick n Style Calypso Lattice, Vermont Chalky Paint Statehouse White™ ProPack and Vermont Natural Coatings® Fireside Ebony.



  1. SAND the top if you have gouges, watermarks or imperfections.
  2. STAIN using the Fireside Ebony All-In-One stain using a simple foam brush works great!
  3. PAINT using a sprayer or you can always use the round brush included in the ProPack.
  4. STENCIL - we used joint compound, but there are other mediums available.
  5. DRIZZLE - using the Cocoa Cafe (included in your Statehouse White ProPack to give depth to the stencil.
  6. WIPE - using a baby wipe
  7. COAT using the Clear Coat included in the ProPack for the painted surface ONLY (the stain is already protected - how cool is THAT?)