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This armoire came fresh from the burn pile of my sister's friend. I loved the mahogany tones and decided to leave those inside the wardrobe and focus on the outside. A wet-on-wet technique is REALLY messy but REALLY fun! I started with Greystone and let it dry and cured for 48 hours before starting the raised stencil from Redesign with Prima.

Now, if you need a greenish, weathered rustic look for painted furniture from aged copper - without the metal? Try this faux finish inspired by Christina of The Reclaimed Heirloom. (Link to her video below.) I also incorporated Redesign with Prima's stick stencil (LOVE them!) to create the raised design on the front doors using joint compound and lots of layers of paint. Make SURE to cure your paint at least 48 hours before doing the raised stencil.

Paint 1 coat of Greystone. I used a sprayer, but you can certainly paint with a round brush. Mix 1 part water to 4 parts paint. If your spray looks like orange peel, add water. If it's dripping, you have too much water, add more paint. Test on a spare board until you get the right consistency.

A) Let the base coat dry COMPLETELY and cure AT LEAST 48 hours, otherwise, you risk the paint lifting off the piece.
B) Measure and place your Redesign with Prima stencil onto your piece. Add joint compound with a spatula and smooth like frosting a cake.
C) Once it's smoothed and even, IMMEDIATELY lift the stencil GENTLY.
D) Let dry and then put a 2nd coat of Greystone on. Let completely dry

A) I put the paint in squeeze bottles and it worked great! Squeeze a portion of Colonial Green paint, mist and then using a foam brush, blend it in.
B) Use Cocoa Cafe, mist, and blend into the green.
C) Use the Harvest Orange in little nooks and crevices for a pop of color and gently blend it together. You can also use a toothbrush, squirt paint on the brush and the using your index finger, sprinkle spots on your piece.
D) Don't overthink it - let it go and have fun!

Use our non-toxic substitute for Polyurethane, our Clear Coat.

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P.S. - you can watch Christina's amazing tutorial on her technique using salt wash and chalk paint here: