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This project came in from my good friend, Jerry. It was his mom's dresser and he asked if it could be spiffed up. 90% of the time, you can use Vermont Chalky Paint with no sanding, however, in this dresser's case? There were deep gouges and bubbled up old varnish that really needed to be sanded. When in doubt? SAND! You'll be glad you took the time.

Once the prepping was done:

1) PAINT: I painted the base coat of Statehouse White, a warm, antique white I love working with.

2) DRIZZLE: I let it dry, then applied the Cocoa Cafe drizzle to give it the antiqued, aged look to match the dark tones in the napkin. 

3) DECOUPAGE: Make sure that you peel off ALL layers of the napkin before decoupaging.

4) CLEAR COAT: Use our non-toxic substitute for polyurethane for BOTH decoupaging and clear coating. Watch the video to see how this dresser transformed from a tired relic to a family heirloom: 


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