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When faced with the daunting task of “what do we paint the cabinets?” it’s a smart move to stick with the neutrals - especially if you’re redoing a kitchen on the cheap.  House flippers realize the top budget busters are kitchen and bath renovations. A total kitchen demo and rebuild can run into thousands. A ProPack covers on average 6-8 upper & lower cabinet doors and comes in under $100. 

I've been in your shoes - cramming painted furniture into the back of a mini-van for a flea market and feeling lucky if I got $40 for a piece I spent hours on, right? It just, well, it sucks. I started to do more homework and wanted to know one thing... what makes people buy stuff? Okay, then I wanted to add one 2-letter word:

Here's one of the Artist Gift Boxes painted in BUTTER CREAM as a base, SAGE GREEN sides and dry-brushed with GRAPHITE. The clover is accented with Vermont Lilac. Either give the gift box unfinished to your favorite painted furniture enthusiast or paint yourself and fill with candy, jewelry or notecards. Measuring 3" high, 6" long and 4" wide, they're compact and contain all 14 of our colors along with the decoupage formula, brushes, and written instructions. Click "READ MORE" below to see the 2-minute video on how it's painted.