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Why Neutrals?
It's easier to change out decorating styles over time and reselling a home is much easier with neutral tones to help a potential buyer imagine it as their own home. Greystone and Statehouse White are a great base to begin with - you can always build off the neutral basics and add depth to a piece with a darker grey (such as Graphite) or a darker brown (like Cocoa Cafe) that's included in the ProPacks adding the distressed look without waxing. 

Why Clear Coat?
The ProPacks come complete with Clear Coat, a non-toxic substitute for Polyurethane. It's a good idea to put at least 2 coats on your final cabinets to preserve them in high traffic areas. Waxes are great for adding depth, but not so great should you decide to strip the cabinets in the future. 

The Right Tool for the Job
Spend where it counts - get a paint that can both cover and LAST... Vermont Chalky Paint on average gets 30% more coverage than our competitors. Our ProPacks have all you need to give cabinets a shabby chic look in under a minute. And it's non-toxic AND latex-free. You can watch how easy it is to use the ProPacks HERE

Can You Decoupage with Clear Coat?
Absolutely! We used Greystone ProPack on this desk, got napkins at the Christmas Tree Shop and used the leftover Clear Coat to decoupage them into place. That little pop of subtle color gives this piece the "wow" factor.