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What is "Show Your Jugs?"

Vermont Chalky Paint's mission has been to give back from Day 1. We house our paint in 1/2 pint jugs that are re-purposed into these decorative mini-jug lamps. A portion of proceeds help cancer patient support groups and other charities in the communities we serve. 

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Sounds fun! How do I make one?

You can either order a kit or schedule a Show Your Jugs party in-person or virtually! 

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Show Your Jugs for GOOD!

Vermont Chalky Paint is housed in half-pint and quart jugs that we re-purpose into decorative mini-jug lamps during our Paint 'n Sip parties. A portion of proceeds help the cancer patient support groups in the communities we serve. From custom shades for weddings to decoupaged DIY kits for your holiday table, see all the fun possibilities with
 Show Your Jugs.

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